(PHOTOS) Kwaga distributes 300 mattresses for Uriri form one students as he seeks to unseat MP Nyamita

By MN Reporter

Uriri MP candidate on Independent ticket Jared Kwaga has upped up race for the seat on August 9 with a donation.

Kwaga through his team distributed 300 mattresses to beneficiaries from across four wards in the constituency.

“We choose needy students from across all polling centers in Uriri through our coordinators we placed in each voting unit,” Kwaga said through a statement read by aide, Obote Kwach.

Kwaga said he decided to make the donation as form one students are reporting in school next Wednesday.

“I wished them success as candidates and choose to make this donation in an open vetting process which covered all communities in Uriri,” Kwaga said.

He said the donation followed bursary issuance to several students in the constituency.

“According to my independent symbol of having a leader who shows the way for followers, this is a gesture of how we will manage the constituency in a transparent manner,” Kwaga said.

Voyers during the launch

Kwach said as a team with their independent logo of leading from the front they started from seeking needy students in each polling station.

“This is just a peak preview of how we will run affairs of Uriri constituency, in a transparent manner and engaging people directly,” Kwach said.

Mary Alungosi from Bware area, a parent said her son was called to Malava High and the gesture will be positive for education standard.

Kwaga opted for Independent ticket after ODM party gave the incumbent Mark Nyamita a direct ticket.