(PHOTOS) Is Ayacko losing Migori town support base after Nyamita runs roughshod with huge crowd?

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By MN Reporter

Migori governor Ochillo Ayacko seems to be losing political grip of the volatile Migori town which has defined county politics since 2013.

On Saturday, the county headquarters came to a stand still as Uriri MP Mark Nyamita strolled on foot from Upper Hill SDA church.

He walked from the church located at Migori administration to Posta Grounds, a place of political significance.

He later strolled across to Migori main bus park with a huge crowd, a fete which translates into political statement ahead of the 2027 general elections.

“I was in church and only wanted to say hi to residents, what I want to say is that if a leader has refused to work and hides away he will go home,” Nyamita said.

This is about the third time Nyamita has done similar walks and functions within Migori town to send clear message his political base is past Uriri.

The legislator has also met representatives from sectors like pickup, taxi, boda boda, traders and other opinion shapers controling the town.

Failure by Ayacko withing two-and-half years to make Ombo market to functional or complete Marindi market, an eyesore he also used to de-campaign fromer governor Okoth Obado administration, have turned against him.

Failure too to end congestion within Migori bus park has seen growing opposition to Ayacko’s rule, which opponents have taken up.

“We will not stay quite when our women have no place to trade with dignity and the bus park is still congested when taxes are collected daily,” Nyamita said at the bus park.

While Ayacko’s team will struggle to contain Nyamita, Suna West MP Peter Masara a former ally turned political foe have also been funning rebellion.

Masara went into the first shocking public onslaught on Ayacko’s administration when he broke ranks months ago.

Ayacko’s first response was to quickly organise a meeting, with cameras in town, at the unfinished Marindi market to appease his base.

In a bid to contain the town further he also had meetings with traders and other sector heads and relaxed encroachment into public space after traders were evicted forcefully a month ago.

Ayacko’s team also moved in to poach Masara’s supporters especially from Oruba-Ragana ward which straddle part of Migori town in Suna West constituency side of the bridge.

The team also reigned in Suna Central MCA Samuel O’Brien elected on the Suna East side of the bridge.


In 2017 when he first vied and lost the governor seat to former Migori governor Okoth Obado, Ayacko counted on support in Migori town which he managed to ringfence.

By then the ground was so hostile to Obado that he was forced to choose alternative routes out of town while accessing his office, including using un-marked cars.

“Ayacko only controls Migori Posta Grounds, Hill View hotel and a section of Migori town. Those people you see with him there are the only votes he will get in Suna East and Suna West. Outside in rural areas I will floor him pants down,” Obado once told a national paper over chaotic Migori town politics.

Buoyed by this, Ayacko went ahead and built a residence at Namba area in Oruba-Ragana area of the town when he successfully vied as a senator and later governor.

And now with Ayacko finding himself in the same corner he boxed Obado, his political move has been to court rural areas through coronations and working with other area leaders like former Suna West MP Joseph Ndiege.