#KCSE2019 Parents, villagers eject Gamba Principal over poor results

Gamba Secondary School Evans Isanya cornered by angry parents and villagers

By MN Reporter

Angry villager and parents forced Gamba Secondary School Principal in Awendo Sub County to vacate the school for posting poor results.

The drama started with parents staging demonstration demanding the school principal Evans Isanya to be transferred.

The Irate parents forced the school principal to pack his belongings after he admitted that he been defeated to run the school.

“These parents never attend meeting to help boost the school’s performance, the community has not given me support,” Isanya said.

He said he has been struggling to clear school debts since 2017 when he was appointed to head the school because of population decline.

“I have applied for personal loans to clear part of the school debts, a decision it has affected my family finances,” he said.

Isanya further blamed parents for transferring bright students to other schools leaving him with students he termed as ‘poor’.

Angry parents demonstrating

He was accused of failure to reach a 4.5 mean score which he ha promised, but instead dragged down the school to a mean of 1.97 a negative deviation of 1.27 from 2018 results.

They said, the school posted result of D+ as the best grade in a class of 47 candidates a situation they described as terrible compared to the other schools of the same level.

John Odongo, school subordinate staff, complained that they had not received their salaries from September last.