Obado, other politicians should keep off speaker election- MP Kitayama

Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama

By MN Reporter

Kuria East MP Marwa Kitayama has called on governor Okoth Obado to keep off the repeat speaker elections to avoid a chaotic scenes experienced in the first attempt.

Speaking to Migori News over the phone immediately he had jetted in the country from Senegal, Kitayama said he followed the High Court news of a repeat election via social media.

On Friday, Migori High court judge Hillary Chemitei ordered a repeat for speaker and his deputy post after chaos broke out on August 31 when advocate Kerario Marwa was poised to win.

Kitayama said the chaos that broke was solely caused by interference from Obado’s office and the executive as his rivalry with former Cabinet minister Ochilo Ayacko played out.

“The speaker election is not about NASA or Jubilee, it is also never about being a Luo or a Kuria as MCAs from both sides voted for either Okoth or Kerario,” he said.

He added: “The rivalry between Ochilo and Obado is what played out in the elections, it should not repeat itself as MCAs should be left to pick the right speaker to ensure democracy prevails in the county.”

Kitayama said despite being in jubilee, his wife who is a Luo was key in campaigning for Obado who was in ODM.

“I call on Obado to rise as a big man in the county and let MCAs decide who will be their speaker, he won over Ayacko and should not be above petty politics,” he said.

Kitayama said when the process to pick a speaker is peaceful, any outcome will be accepted by all Migori residents despite party or tribal affiliation.

Former Isebania MCA Charles Nyange, who was a minority leader in last house said MCAs should ensure the voting process is peaceful “to give results that will heal the county.”

“We are ready to move on with whoever will be elected speaker, the process should just be peaceful,” Nyange said.