Musician Detained At Migori Hotel Over Ksh. 500 Bill, Musician Claims Proprietor ‘Mean’- “Wako Na Deni Yangu”

Migori town
A section of Migori town

By MN Reporter

A famous local musician is an angry man after he was detained at a local hotel over a Kshs. 500 bill.

This is after he allegedly tried to walk out of the said hotel after a family outing without paying for services.

According to the musician, he has been working for the said hotel, which is aroud Namba junction in Migori town.

The musician who juggles between gospel and secular music said his work included conducting promotions for events held at the hotel. He said he occassionally emcee’s events at the hotel too.

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But he now claims the hotel has been ‘using him’ to get money and denying him his dues.

The musician who has been making headlines over the recent past in Migori intimated to this writer that the most recent engagements were for December 25, 2022 and January 1, 2023.

“We had a verbal agreement that I was to get 40% of all collections by the pooliside on both occassions. The hotel was to pocket 60%,” said the musician.

He alleges that the total collections for the two days were Kshs. 1.2M but was only paid Kshs. 8,000.

“I thought they were still going to do the calculations and later send my money because I have been promoting them for a while,” he said.

He however was shocked later when he was detained at the gate after “forgetting” to pay for the pool but had paid for meals, and he says the hotel owed him.

“People can use you,” the musician exclaimed.

It is unclear where the relationship between the two deteroriated bearing in mind that they have been working together for a long dating back to campaign period.