Magina Primary School teacher, 58, defiles his pupil, 11

By Kennedy Okombo

A 58 year old teacher at Magina primary school in Migori County is suspected to have defiled his 11 year old standard four pupil girl in a bush just a few kilometres from the school.

The suspect admitted before the police that he committed the crime on Friday evening when the minor was getting back home from school.

According to the father of the victim, Wilson Odhiambo, his daughter came back home in the evening with her uniform and inner clothes having blood stains upon he asked her to explain what had befallen her only to shock the parents that she was defiled by the old teacher in the bush.

The girl narrated how the teacher in question offered to carry her on his motorbike to a place called Nyamanga a few kilometres from the school compound and led her to the bush where he repeatedly defiled her and gave her sh50 that she used to travel back home.

“My daughter came back at home yesterday with her school uniform and inner clothes stained in blood and when I asked her I was shocked to find that her own teacher had defiled her in the bush and then gave her sh50 which she used to travel back to the house with blood oozing from her private parts,” he said.

The young girl told the press that the teacher has been giving her money to buy foodstuff and other drinks in the school and on the fateful day he decided to take her far from the school compound and did the heinous act to her in the bush something that the teacher admitted before the police and the girl’s parents to have done.

The parents took the girl to the doctor and according to the examination it was revealed that the teacher defiled the girls and left her with injuries in her private parts and when they reached the police station the teacher admitted to the accusations against him and was remanded for a few days at the Migori police station a waiting to be arraigned in court.

However to the surprise of the parents of the girl, the teacher was granted a police bond of sh50,000 and was released without being taken to court living the parents to seek more legal redress as they claim the police are alleged to have been compromised by the suspect.

“We cannot explain under what circumstances the suspect was released because we expected him to be arraigned in court but the police gave him a bond without making any explanations to us but we shall still seek justice and bring the suspect to book and enable the pupil get justice and uphold her rights,” Odhiambo said.

Apparently, cases of rape and defilement have become rampant in the Migori County with school going girls becoming victims of the heinous to people who are old enough to be their parents and guardians as the education stakeholders continue to watch.

The education stakeholders have been asked to prosecute and suspend teachers and tutors who engage in sexual affairs with their students as a way of enforcing discipline in the education sector that is supposed to shape the society.