Luhya elders, community gives Ayacko’s governor bid major boost with endorsement

Migori senator Ochillo Ayacko at the endorsement meeting

By MN Reporter

Migori senator Ochillo Ayacko has received major boost for his governor bid after the Luhya community endorsed him.

Ayacko held the meeting with the community at Antel Mara Hotel in Migori town in a meeting with brought elders and opinion leaders from the community.

The meeting was organised by Alfred Mudeizi, the ODM Migori county minority representative, Geoffrey Adego Kihale the chairman Luhya Council of Elders and Jamine Ombiri his secretary.

Ayacko said the community has been complaining of not represented in the devolved unit in the past decade.

“Migori had an executive from the Luhya community who only did not place the community interest at heart, but went for personal interests,” Ayacko said.

Ayacko said after hearing from the community he will ensure any job opportunities all communties will benefit.

“We have limited employment places, I’ll factor in the Luhya and Muslim communties who I met earlier,” he said.

He added that “we already have those who are employed, any chance available I will ensure all communties benefit.”

The outgoing governor Okoth Obado employed Moses Chamwada as executive and others from the Luhya community.

“We have excluded as a community and even went to court to get equal opportunity and failed, we want to make it right from the ballot to the next administration,” Mudeizi said.

Kihale said as community the agreement they had with Ayacko will be binding when he forms the next government.

He said the Luhya community made a binding pledge at the ballot in the next poll.