#KUPPETDECIDES: Executive Secretary aspirant Boro wants Nyatike gazzetted as hardship area

Executive secretary aspirant Kenn Boro

By MN Reporter

KUPPET Migori branch aspirants led by executive secretary aspirant Kenn Boro has vowed to push for Nyatike to be listed as a hardship area of work.

While speaking to teachers in Muhuru Bay he said that will be his main agenda when elected after forthcoming union elections scheduled for January 15th 2021.

“The current county union officials have failed to lias with the national political leaders to help draft a bill for gazzetment,” he said.

“Our county officials of the union have failed to fight for members working in hardship areas like Nyatike despite having the chance and ability to do so even through finances. There is dire need for change in the leadership of the union for the sake of saving teachers from frustrations that they face daily in their areas of work,” said Boro.

He said several teachers have faced intimidation from union officials over the move, and called on them to be strong.

It’s a pity that when teachers differ in ideologies with the union officials they receive intimidating threats from those they elected to represent their needs to their employer. Not every member is able to visit the TSC offices over their frustrations hence the need of a union.” Added Boro.

Bernard Obonyo eying the position of Secretary secondary said teachers in Nyatike have been facing several challenges that ought to have been addressed by their union leaders.

“We feel neglected by our own union leaders whom should have represented our plight yo the employer teachers service commission to enhance a better working environment for its members,” he said.