Residents raise alarm over influx of suspicious women residing in one house in Kakrao

Police with a recovered motorbike at Migori Police Station


Residents of Kakrao are living in fear over the influx of women they’ve termed “suspicious” at the shopping Center.

The residents alleged that the women were responsible for the rising insecurity around Kakrao center.

Speaking to Migori News Bernard Okinyi Otieno, the Deputy Chairperson of Kakrao Bodaboda riders, said women had flocked the center with a section of them sharing single houses in large numbers.

“We are experiencing cases of insecurity because you find that we have some women who have come to live in shops around here,” Otieno said.

He added: “In some cases you will find up to 10 women living in one house and these women don’t seem to have husbands.”

According to Otieno, the said women leave their houses for Migori town during the day but came back in the evening with strangers whom they suspect are behind rising insecurity around the Center.

“The women are usually escorted by strange men in the evening and these are the people who steal from us,” Otieno said.

The residents said insecurity was rife in the area and called on relevant authorities to come in and help them.