Is Masara Done With Ayacko? Legislator Fingers Governor Openly For Undermining Him, Development Record

By MN Reporter

Has political bro-mance between Suna West MP Peter Masara and governor Ochillo Ayacko over?

On Friday during a funeral in Oruba, Migori town, Masara went ballistic over Ayacko accusing him of holding weird meetings to cut him down political in Suna West instead of developing the county.

For the past ten years Masara has been among the biggest critic of former Migori governor Okoth Obado and supported Ayacko, but tension started appearing between the town in recent meeting by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

During that meeting which Ayacko also attended, Masara publicly called out officers in Ayacko’s administration of undermining him when he planned to host Odinga in the constituency.

“We voted for Ochillo to work for us, instead of working he is busy holding meetings to remove me as Suna West MP,” Masara said on Friday in direct attack at the governor.

“He (Ayacko) should leave us alone, we supported him to be governor and he never paid us. I am not mad to fight Obado for ten years and when Ayacko is elected I start fighting him within a year,” Masara said.

He said despite former Migori MP John Pesa being popular in the constituency as a former MP, he ensured Ayacko was elected as governor.

“If he (Ayacko) feels I have no people he should ask Pesa who was popular in the area and we cut him to size. He did not do anything wrong to us, even Nyamita (Uriri MP) is our person the only problem we have is that they are aligned to UDA,” he said.

Masara has been hinted to be keen on the governor seat, but in 2032 when Ayacko finishes his term while Mark Nyamita has been gunning for the same seat in 2027 elections,

Ayacko is serving his first term as a governor and has been facing mounting political pressure from Nyamita and from his team over development record.

“What we know is that as people of Suna West, Suna East and Nyatike we will never allow the governor seat to pass Stella towards the other side (sugar belt) and if me saying that can cause me to be an enemy to be discussed in weird meetings then let it be so,” he said.

He said he was born in Oruba slums, became a councilor and a mayor and all through he has been a straight forward politician who wears his heart on the sleave and speaks out his mind openly.

“I have not said I want to be governor but I have been discussed in some weird meetings, if they are forcing me to be governor I may take a risk in 2027 and vie. When somebody is bad I will speak openly not in weird meetings,” he added.

He said even Ayacko campaigned for the governor seat while Obado was still holding it, and talks about his seat should not disturb him.

“Ayacko wanted to be governor when Obado was working, we can also talk about the governor seat when he is working. Actually it is Ayacko who had my political debt and not the other way round. He should also seek my vote (If he wants a second term) and not the other way round,” he saud.

He warned Ayacko to concentrate on giving residents real development before he starts thinking of his second term.

He chided Ayacko for missing the funeral of Mzee Ogutu and did not send any social contribution even in money or grading of roads to mzee’s home as a sign of good faith.

He said he was keen to see the face of Suna West in appointments by the governor.