How Dalmas’ wife funeral turned into Ayacko, Nyamita battle on performance

By Jared Nyangira, Migori County

In a heated exchange during the funeral ceremony of the late Mrs. Dalmas Otieno, Jane Otieno in Kangeso, Rongo Sub County, Migori Governor Dr. Ochilo Ayacko sternly rebuked a faction of local leaders, urging them to abandon what he termed “politics of lies” and focus on delivering tangible results within their constituencies.

The confrontation came after Uriri MP Mark Nyamita indirectly accused the governor of incompetence and advocated for his removal in the upcoming elections.

Defending his and his colleagues’ collaboration with President William Ruto, Nyamita asserted that their efforts had yielded positive outcomes, including settling debts owed by Sony Sugar Company and supporting local farmers.

Governor Ayacko swiftly dismissed Nyamita’s criticisms, asserting that the MP lacked the authority to determine who should or should not be voted into office, saying that Nyamita should concentrate on fulfilling his duties rather than passing judgment on others.

Governor Ayacko alleged that Nyamita had been unjustly claiming credit for initiatives not linked to his efforts, urging the MP to focus on his responsibilities and demonstrate achievements before casting aspersions on fellow leaders.

Migori Senator Eddy Oketch expressed frustration with some leaders for breaching protocol and favoring certain junior members and individuals aligned with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) during the meeting, stressing the importance of respect among Migori County leaders and warned against such disruptive actions.

Awendo MP Walter Owino emphasized that leaders should concentrate on their individual responsibilities and refrain from prematurely judging Ayacko’s performance, urging unity among Migori leaders and suggested that Governor Ayacko should be evaluated at the appropriate time during elections rather than through the public.