Here are top five 2016 KCSE performers in Migori county

Kanga School students celebrate good results

Kanga School students celebrate good results

By MN Reporter

Kanga High School tops in Migori County with a mean score of 10.6 depite having 285 students.

The school, which had their first batch of national intake candidates got 40 canidates with A Plain, 115 (A-), 86 (B+), 28 (B plain), 13 (B-), 2 (C+) and a C-.

Kanga’s best students were Ernest Odongo, Collins Mitema, Timothy Musyoka and Oyoo Cyril both with 83 points.
Kanga has a student population of 1,210 studets and a staff of 62 teachers currently.

St. Albert’s Ulanda Girls School come second with a mean score of 9.765 having two girls with A plain, 91(A-), 139(B+), 85(B), 35(B-), 8(C+) and 2(C-).

Rapogi High School’s 228 students got position three with 9.3 mean score with 13 boys scoring A plain, 48(A-), 74(B+) and 95(B-).

Rapogi top students were Otieno Frankline Omulo with 84 pints, followed by Odhiambo Clifford Oluso with 83 points, Omondi Mavene Otieno and Kong’ong’a Ray Omondi had 82 points.

Kodero Bara come third with a mean score of 9.0238 as 169 candidates excelled. They didn’t produce any student with A plain but had 12(A-), 59(B+), 40(B Plain), 42(B-), 8(C+) and 7(C Plain).

Kanyawanga High School come fifth at position five with 8.7 mean score. They had 15(A-), 56(B+), 70(B Plain), 44(B- ), 28(C+), 14(C Plain) and 4(C-).