Don, Knut official join race for Migori next Women Representative

Dr. Pamela Odhiambo

Dr. Pamela Odhiambo

Mary Owino

Mary Owino

By Isaac Ochieng

A university don and a Knut official have joined race to be the next Migori Women Representative.

Dr. Pamela Odhiambo, who hails from Suna West constituency and Mary Owino who sits at national Knut council seek to replace current Women Representative and former journalist Dennitah Ghati.

On Monday Odhiambo adviced Women and youths to be an independent and innovative force so to avoid exploitation from leaders.

Talking at a function she said young men and women are undermined and being used as puppets for a selfish political causes.

Dr. Pamela Odhiambo condemns leaders that remain strongly rooted in their seats but bring no or less development to residents who elected them.

“Many are times you see leaders dishing out money to our young men so to create popularity; this is so wrong” said Pamela.

She added that some politicians toss money out of their porshe cars; young men then scrabble for a share neglecting the danger of an oncoming vehicle.

She pointed out that leaders are ignorant to the welfare of the people but rather feed their appetite for power.

“These same leaders we elected to serve us just drive around looking for cheap recognition among party leaders but do minimal for the people” she said.

She also revealed that communication providers exploit residents close to the border by not putting effort in dealing with the problematic mobile network adding that this can cause a major security crisis and elected leaders are doing nothing.

Being a lecturer and proud mother of 11 children she stated that educating people should be considered a very delicate matter.

She therefore challenged leaders to enroll in classes that would help them understand devolution comprehensively and proud better service to the people.

“Through education we will defeat the goliath of poverty, the goliath of ignorance and the goliath of exploitation” said Pamela.

Owino on her part said she had experience to fight for teachers right in the country and she will change the landscape of Migori.