County governments isn’t supporting street children- CBO

By MN Reporter

A Migori Community Based organization has faulted the Migori county government for not supporting rehabilitation of street children.

Destitute Network said the county has refused to approve or join its operation of rescuing street children even after several meetings.

The organisation chairman Thomas Juma told Migori News they have tried to solicit support from the county government but nobody has responded.

He lamented the failure of the Migori county government has thwarts their progress as a CBO.

Juma said that they have come across many NGOs which are ready to help them on condition that the county government takes part in rehabilitation of these street children.

He said the NGOs want an administrative authority from the county government so that they can
take part but the county government has failed to do so.

“We are faced with acute financial crisis and we are not able to cater for the need of these rehabilitated street children,” he said.

The organisation said many street children have moved from all major towns in Migori County to join their centre for help but the organization is not able to sustain the number..

The CBO has been engaged in sales of tree seedlings to support street children.

Currently the group’s children has risen from 14 to 25 in the past three weeks.