County government to provide more patrol vehicles to enhance security

A police car passes demonstrators stand outside the Migori County Government gate  recently.

A police car passes demonstrators stand outside the Migori County Government gate recently.

By Flemming Maikulla

Migori county Government with the aid of the Jubilee Government has teamed up together to enhance security in the county by providing more police patrol vehicles in all the eight sub counties of the cosmopolitan county.

According to the Deputy president William Ruto, the Government will provide the county with more patrol vehicles in the eight sub counties in order to enhance security of the residents and attract more investors.

The deputy president was speaking during a fundraising in aid of the Ranen SDA communication and media center where he pledges to help the county Government enhance security of its citizens in the region.

He said this will help boost devlopment by attracting investors from both the local community and the other counties.

“The Jubilee Government has the mandate to offer security to all its citizens regardless of their political affiliations and will provide two patrol vehicles in each of the eight sub county.” he said.

This is to ensure that the county that borders Tanzania to the south and also has the disputed Migingo Island on the fresh water Lake Victoria is secure and can attract investment opportunities.

The county Government through the Governor also went ahead to allude that the security of all the residents of the county shall be enhanced and will also provide patrol vehicles in the sub counties to help the police restore peace and order in the whole region that boasts of more resources that are yet to be exploited.

“The county Government will buy eight patrol speed vehicles and supply them to all the sub counties to help the police beef up security and enhance peace co-existence among the communities that live in the rural areas of the county, “he said.

The Governor also asked the Constituency Development Funds committee and the area members of parliament to produce one patrol car from the kitty that will go a long way to ensure that the county has maximum security at all costs.

The CDF committees in the entire sub counties should come in and offer the county one patrol car from the kitty that will ensure security is well enhanced and the people live at peace,” he said.

The initiative by the two sets of the county and the national Government come amid the rising insecurity situations in the Kuria East sub county that experiences a lot of cases involving cattle rustling, grievous harm and civil unrest.

The cases have been compounded by police from the area having a few patrol vehicles to help them bring the culprits to book and arraign them in court as some of them sneak to the neighboring Tanzania to hide.

The county boasts of more resources among them Gold in Nyatike and Suna West, Tobacco that planted in nearly all the sub counties with Kuria West and East leading the pack, fresh water lake fish that comes from the Lake Victoria and the cattle that is exported from the county to other counties of Nairobi, Kiambu and Uasin Gishu.

The resources are so many and if the security situation is not enhanced the county will lag behind and all the potential investors will avoid it and make the resources be unexploited and leave the county undeveloped.

“If the security situation in the county is not enhanced many investors will avoid it and the resources will be unexploited” he said.

He urged the residents to support the county leadership and make it easy for the county to make it possible to deliver services to them diligently and efficiently for the benefit of all.