Corrupt, violent and toothless: how Boaz’s second assembly lost favour with Migori voters

By MN Reporter

Last Thursday the second Migori county assembly was closed for August 9 polls with a speaker, as Boaz Okoth was impeached after presiding over a house that brought shame to Migori.

Okoth, who was governor Okoth Obado right hand man is currently on the campaign trail (though no media outlet has met him in any) to replace his buddy as governor in the next polls.

But when the house was closed, Macalder-Kanyarwanda MCA George Duro wore his robes in acting capacity as Okoth was far from the precincts and attempts to quash his impeachment thwarted.

The second assembly brought shame to Migori as it was marred with violence, corruption, break-ins and leadership wrangles that denied Migori a chance to hold the executive to account and have something to be proud.

The crop of MCAs have been a banter of jokes on social function and media, with the last primaries especially on ODM ticket only four getting a nod among 50+ who vied.

“Those MCAs had to go home with Obado, when the party was telling them what to do they though Obado was a demi-god, they can follow him as he goes home,” Suna East MP Junet Mohammed said.

Mohammed was speaking to ODM leadership at Awendo green stadium.

Here are instances where the assembly erred:

  • 2017 during assembly speaker elecions when political goons named ‘Sangwenya’ invaded the house beating up MCAs and orderlies as lawyer Kerario Marwa was winning a speaker election. Okoth, then North Kadem MCA was forced in. Nominated MCA Esther Onana fainted after being assaulted, others fled
  • On September 2020 nominated MCA Mary Odiga’s hand was broken as attempts to impeach governor Okoth Obado failed, Party wrote to these seven MCAs over the chaos: Brian Osodo (Kachieng Ward), John Oyugi (Got-Kachola Ward), Leonard Ogwada (God-Jope Ward) and Nestroy Otieno (West-Sakwa Ward), Jaoko Akugo (Central Kanyamkago Ward), Thomas Akungo (Kaler Ward) and Peter Mijungu (West Kanyamkago Ward).
  • Workers demonstrators and go slow over unpaid dues with MCAs forced to go for months without allowances as claims of loans/overdrafts taken by speaker Boaz Okoth start surfacing.
  • Several MCAs with notable being Gokeharaka-Gitambwega’s Joseph Bageni, Muhuru Bay Hevron Maira, South Kanyamkago Graham Kagali, North Kanyamkago George Omamba among others are hauled from committees, positions, ejected from house over claims.
  • Attempts at impeaching Boaz Okoth are dealt with ruthlessly as tension ropes in the Finance Officer Evans Ogutu, who is governor Okoth Obado’s son-in-law
  • December 2, 2020 Okoth, assembly leadership and about ten individuals and companies are arrested and appeared before Kisumu Chief Magistrate Peter Gesore and faced counts of corruption related charges to include abuse of office, conspiracy to commit an offence of corruption and fraudulent acquisition of public property, together with suppliers and contractors, as well as failure to comply with procurement laws and mismanagement of public funds. They all deny the charges.
  • February 2022, Kenyans wake to shocking news as Okoth and seven youths are fished from assembly offices by police after a standoff that started from 3am and dragged to court for  breaking into assembly finance offices and stealing equipment and files. They all deny the charges.
  • Soon afterwards Okoth is impeached, tries to quash the decision and seeks to be re-instated with attempt failing as he is chased like a rabid dog by staff and MCAs with a video circulating around.
  • ODM primaries over 90 per cent of members are floored.