Boaz impeachment motion sent via mail as 25 MCAs go to Tanzania for ‘recess’

Speaker Boaz Okoth in assembly

By MN Reporter

At last, the impeachment motion against Migori speaker Boaz Okoth was sent via email after drama to stop it tabling which ended with an abrupt recess and a Tanzania trip.

Ntimaru East MCA Augustine Mwera who is sponsoring the motion told Migori News that their attempts to table the motion was thwarted first by clerks and several junior officers being instructed to pull out documents and and signatures.

Okoth has called off attempts to impeach him by a section of MCAs as a politically instigated plot to dent his image and ambition to be the next county governor in 2022 general elections.

“The documents i tabled before House Business Committee where changed which delayed the tabling, on Tuesday venue of sitting where changed and our attempts to access the assembly blocked. We emailed the motion and have followed it with presenting it physically,” Mwera said.

South Sakwa MCA Edward Ouma said all attempts including taking 25 MCAs and 14 staff members being taken to Tanzania after an abrupt recess are all tied up to the impeachment motion.

The motion seeks Boaz’s ouster because of gross misconduct, gross violation of constitution and other provision of public finance management act.

In the motion, the speaker is accused that on March 19 and May 22 this year forged minutes of county service board members and acquired a loan of Sh75.6million from a bank to pay for MCAs assembly salaries and allowances, which happened when they were on recess.

“These were done without approval of the assembly and happened when we are on recess, the approvals were done illegally,” Mwise claimed.

He said Boaz has been running the assembly as a personal property and in high-handness fashion by changing committee members and suspended Gokeharaka-Gitambwega MCA Joseph Bageni when he raised the queries.

But speaking later in a hotel in Migori town, Boaz said his rivals have been behind the motion to thwart his ambition as county governor to replace him.

“The allegation placed against me are politically instigated by my rivals who want to taint my image, the amount which was acquired was paid to all MCAs and as a speaker I never received a cent as I was not in office for allowances were accrued,” Okoth said.