As we push ODM registration, cartels bungling nominations should end- Kakrao MCA aspirant Arum

By MN Reporter

Kakrao MCA aspirant Jacktone Arum has called on Orange House to curtail a group of cartels that always bungle the Orange Democratic Movement party nominations.

Arum said several aspirants and those who love the party have taken up the free mobile registration drive which should be augured well with free and fair nominations.

“In Nyanza area the orange party is strong and we have increased effort to offer registration , but most people have complained of cartels that always bungle up nominations,” Arum said.

The ODM banner

Speaking to Migori News over the phone, Arum said the main problem has been  cartels within the party, which should be dealt with.

“We need to put in place measures to get the people in the party, and the best way to get the people is always respecting their will during nomination process by having a free and fair exercise,” Arum said.

He said already in Migori the People Democratic Party (PDP) led by governor Okoth Obado and United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and they will ensure the party shore up loyalty.

“There are rivals parties and as ODM we will ensure loyalty is adhered, even though aspirants and followers have a reason  to join them we need to show them Migori is always painted ODM,” Arum said.

He said the party should welcome those who defected earlier.