All set for Kuoyo Kodalo bus launch on Friday- Awendo MP Walter ends rumours

By MN Reporter

Awendo MP Walter Owino has said a school bus belonging to Kuoyo Kodalo Mixed Secondary in the constituency will be launched on Friday.

Speaking to Migori News, the legislator said all is set for the launch on Friday, February 9 putting to an end online rumours.

“We are set for delivering of the bus which is fully funded by NG-CDF kitty thia Friday,” he said.

From last year December photos of the bus gained traction on social media, coming shortly after the legislator hosted ODM leader Raila Odinga to a constituency tourney.

Awendo NG-CDF chair and former South Sakwa MCA Jared Osawa said apart from the school, the legislator has ensured other schools which are in addition to Raywer, Pe-hill, Rabondo, Michele Obama received buses.

“In Kuoyo Kodalo area the closest school where a bus could be borrowed as Raywer, this acquisition was part of requests by the community to the legislator,” Osawa said.

He said criticism on Walter administration of taking the bus to the school and neglecting other infrastructure development was unfounded.

“We are on course to build a modern twin lab and a dormitory at the school,” Osawa said.

He said earlier NG-CDF had also built classes.

“Apart from the school, in Kuoyo Kodalo area we have boost security by renovation of the chief’s office and boost electricity connectivity in addition to security lights at the center,” he said.

He added that they have also opened up national government roads in the area.