225 Families Affected By Floods In Nyatike Ask For Help, Relief Food

SUBSCRIBE: Floods wreck havoc in Nyatike as over 150 families displaced by the raging waters

By MN Reporter

Over 200 households in Migori county affected by flooding and heavy rains have called for help.

With continued heavy rains, several families mostly in Nyatike sub-county have been forced out of their homes and are staring at hunger as heavy rains have swept away crops, animals and houses.

Kevin Ondieki, the Kenya Red Cross Society Migori county coordinator said with heavy rains and floods in the county a total of 225 households have been affected.

 Out of the number 36 households have been displaced.

“We have an active evacuation site at  Angugo Pefa Church in Nyatike hosting 10 households while 16 are hosted by relatives around affected areas,” Ondieki said.

He said the most affected villages are Kabuto, Konyango, Modi, Nyora and Angugo all in Nyatike.

With continue heavy downpour access to and furniture at Kabuto dispensary, Kabuto primary and Nyora primary have been affected.

“So far we have helped in safe relocation of affected households, distributed water treatment commodities and linking those sick to nearest health facilities,” he added.

Jael Akinyi who stays at Angugo rescue center called for intervention to get emergency medical camp, toilets and other relief items.