Why Kemege Tournament Cup in Kuria East is pushed to April 2024

Kemege Football Tournament 2019 banner

By MN Reporter

Nominated MCA Tyson Kemege has postponed his tournament in Kuria East constituency this year.

In a press statement, Kemege said after “heavy consultation with Kemege Tournament Cup, which was due this year, 2023 December,  they have decided to push it to April 2024.”

Kemege said the main reason is that governor Ochillo Ayacko Governor Cup will start on 5th December, “and we will not out play the master.”

He said next year the tournament will come back bugger and involve every polling station in Kuria East, either small or big.

“I plan to have a breakfast meetings, where each  team will get our plans for next year, egistration will start when leadership from every club meets for breakfast meetings” he said.

He said the venue of the tournament will still remain Ntimaru East and West wards with SportPesa being the main sponsor.