Three suspects found slaughtering 7 donkeys sold to make mitura and supu matumbo

By MN Reporter

Three suspects fled police dragnet after they were found slaughtering seven donkeys to be sold to unsuspecting Kenyans.

Police recovered freshly slaughtered donkey carcasses that were being prepared for local consumption, at a thicket in Kiambu County.

The raid happened at Kiahiti village in Gatune sub-location and was coordinated by police officers based at Nachu police post.

The meat was meant for butcheries and meat joints in the area and Nairobi disguised as beef.

“Residents in Kiahiti had complained of their sleep being disrupted by the insistent onomatopoeic sounds of donkeys in distress ho, hii, hoo hiiii, hooo hiiiii, brrrrrr!!!! as they were led to the scene to face the axe,” police said in a report.

The suspects are said to remove fillets and choosy parts of the animals with other parts like bones, matumbo and innards not being thrown away.

“No flesh is left to waste as the traders also package the donkey intestines, kidneys and other internal organs which are sold to outlets dealing in popular roadside delicacy, mutura, supu and matumbo.l,” police said.

A manhunt for three suspects who escaped from the scene is currently underway.