(PHOTO) Here are Migori Top 50 KCPE Candidates, Bwana of Rongo Shiners Tops

By MN Reporter

Migori county top Kenya Certificate of Primary Education candidate scored 415 marks out of possible 500 from results released by Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu.

Jeremy Junior Bwana scored the marks from Shiners Academy in Rongo sub-county and his father Victor Bwana said he has ambition to be a Software Engineer.

“I was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia when I received the results and as a family we were thrilled and give thanks to God,” the senior Bwana said.

Here are top students:

  1. Hope Anyango- 417. Kenya Relief Academy (Suna West)
  2. Mary Buchere- 416. Kenya Relief Academy (Suna West)
  3. Jeremy Junior Bwana, 415. Shiners Academy (Rongo)
  4. Arull Oduk- 415. Kenya Relief Academy (Suna West)
  5. Yahya Ramadhan- 413. Migori Primary (Suna West)
  6. Ashley Moraa- 413. Kenya Relief Academy (Suna West)
  7. Mitchel Apondi- 417. Pentagon Academy (Suna West)
  8. Phelistus Mokami- 412. Nyabirongo Girls Boarding (Kuria West)
  9. Griffin Onyango- 412. Sony Primary School (Awendo)
  10. Rebecca Barongo Ontita- 411. Nyabirongo Girls Boarding (Kuria West)
  11. Arsha Joina Okinyi- 410. Nyabirongo Girls Boarding (Kuria West)
  12. Venesa Barret Ochieng’- 409. Nyabirongo Girls Boarding (Kuria West)
  13. Barack Otieno- 408. Goldfields Academy (Suna East)
  14. Jimmy Scoti- 408. Pentagon Academy (Suna West)
  15. Ruth Kemunto- 408. Blue Shine Academy (Suna East)
  16. John Paul- 408. Blue Shine Academy (Suna East)
  17. Hillary Otieno- 407, Pentagon Academy (Suna West)
  18. Cindy Rozzinah Akinyi- 407. Ranen Adventist Primary (Awendo)
  19. Fidel Castro- 407. Rongo Shiners Academy (Rongo)
  20. Genevi Nnaji- 405. Ngege Primary (Suna East)
  21. Lucy Chacha- 405. Momokoro Academy (Kuria West)
  22. Gigel Philip- 405. Pentagon Academy (Suna West)
  23. Joyce Aluoch Odila- 405. Nyabirongo Girls Boarding (Kuria West)
  24. Faith Abigail- 404. Pentagon Academy (Suna West)
  25. Janet Becky Okinyi- 403. Nyabirongo Girls Boarding (Kuria West)
  26. Vin Claudy- 403. Momokoro Academy (Kuria West)
  27. Keyle Wells- 403. Pentagon Academy (Suna West)
  28. Bery Jepkosgei- 402. Ranen Adventist Primary (Awendo)
  29. Okumu Sharleen Atieno- 401. St Joseph Alendo (Nyatike)
  30. Roy Maxwell- 401. Goshen Learning Center (Rongo)
  31. Lynn Marcia- 401. Goshen Learning Center (Rongo)
  32. Bradley Otieno- 401. Goshen Learning Center (Rongo)
  33. Juma Ida Awuor- 401. St Joseph Alendo (Nyatike)
  34. Emmanuel Castro- 400. St Benedict Parochial School (Suna West)
  35. Nancy Maseke- 400. Momokoro Academy (Kuria West)
  36. Ruth Obwoge- 399. Pentagon Academy (Suna West)
  37. Willis Elton- 399. Rapogi Lwanda (Uriri)
  38. Seamus Omwita- 399. Momokoro Academy (Kuria West)
  39. Mogoi Sanfan Nyachibo- 384. Down Town Academy
  40. Onyango Philip Ouma- 381. Down Town Academy
  41. Ochieng Marion Adhiambo- 378. Migori Primary School (Suna West)
  42. Chris Morgan- 370. St Lawrence Dolish (Uriri)
  43. Alvincenishio Odidi- 369.St Lawrence Dolish (Uriri)
  44. Anemet Adhiambo- 363. St Lawrence Dolish (Uriri)
  45. Grace Volian- 362. Duveskog Primary (Kuria West)
  46. Josephbiron Otieno Kajimba- 360. Marindi Academy (Suna West)
  47. Lillian Boke Samwel- 327. Kuguyi Primary School (Kuria)
  48. Nickanor Onyango- 394. Luoro Primary School (Uriri)
  49. Jane Finely- 394. Luoro Primary School (Uriri)
  50. Okoth Amos Wayne- 377. Awendo Central SDA (Awendo)