(VIDEO) Kemege Football Tournament gets double number of teams with Kegonga/Nguruna playing hosts

Kemege Football Tournament 2020

By Wuon Kalam, @NewsMigori

Kuria East constituency aspirant 2022 Tyson Kemege has doubled the annual Kemege Football Tournament with more than double team taking part.

Last year, the tournament had only ten teams playing, compared to 24 which will take part this year from December 22-24 in Nyabasi East ward.

“This is huge, this is overwhelming and it shows that the tournament which was started from small teams is building momentum and shows that Kuria East has energetic and raw talent,” Kemege told Migori News.


The politician said the games will be played at Kegonga/Nguruna venues which will ensure Covid 19 rules set by government and World Health Organisation are adhered to.

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“We will follow the same guidelines given by Kenya in opening leagues by having fewer people that is why we chose two venues,” Kemege said.

He said with his theme of to “bring equity in Kuria Easr” constituency, the teams have been drawn from across the entire constituency.

“We have an open tournament where winners are awarded on the spot and competition is fair. That is the secret that has seen it grow. The rotational winner’s trophy has also made it a tourney to look up to at the end of each year,” he said.

He said he fully sponsors the tournament alongside his friends.

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The 24 teams which will take part are:

  1. Getongoroma
  2. Mahuntutu
  3. Makararangwe
  4. Itongo
  5. Nguku
  6. Nyamagongwi
  7. Nyamagenga
  8. Kugitimo
  9. Nguruna
  10. Nyaroha
  11. Nyamanche
  12. Kwigena
  13. Maeta
  14. Gibarori
  15. Nyabikongori
  16. Kegoncha
  17. Remanyaki
  18. Bongembo
  19. Wangirabose
  20. Kegonga
  21. Nyamotambe
  22. Kebaroti
  23. Gekoharaka
  24. Koromangucha

Daniel Maginga Marwa, the tournament co-ordinator said the winner will get Ksh10,000 price money, gold medal and rotational trophy. Second and third winners will get silver and bronze medal each.

“The first, second, third and fourth winners will each get a football and uniforms,” he said.

“This is a big sacrifice from the sponsor who wants youths to benefit through their talents ,” he said.