DAY 1: Kegonga FC defends Kemege Football Tournament with first match against Gokeharaka. Full games

By Wuon Kalam, @NewsMigori

Kegonga FC began defending their Kemege Football Tournament with a game against Gokeharaka FC in kick off game played at Kegonga Primary School on December 22.

The champions game kicked off at 8am, in a knock out games which wil also be played in the venues of Nguruna Rangers Field and Nyamagenga Primary SChool.

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Here are other full time games:

  • Nguruna Rangers vs Bongebo. Venue: Nguruna Rangers Field
  • Kegonche vs Getongoroma. Venue: Nguruna Rangers Field
  • Kwigena vs Remanyaki. Venue: Nguruna Rangers Field
  • Maeta vs Itongo. Venue: Nguruna Rangers Field
  • Makararangwe vs Nyamagenga. Venue: Nyamagenga Primary
  • Nguku vs Kugitimo. Venue: Nyamagenga Primary
  • Nyamotambe vs Koromangucha. Venue: Nyamagenga Primary
  • Nyabikongori vs Nyamanche. Venue: Nyamagenga Primary
  • Kegonga vs Gokeharakaha. Venue: Kegonga Primary
  • Nyaroha vs Nyamagongwi. Venue: Kegonga Primary
  • Mahuntuntu vs Gibarori. Venue Kegonga Primary
  • Kebaroti vs Wangirabose Venue Kegonga Primary