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Migori News

Ayacko, Masara Meet Migori Youth Ahead Of Clash With Wazito- Here Are Goodies Promised

By MN Reporter Migori governor Ochillo Ayacko and Suna West MP Peter Masara on Tuesday met with the Migori Youth team ahead of their clash with Wazito FC on Saturday….

AYACKO: This Is Why I, And Other Governors Can’t Join Maandamanos

By MN Reporter Migori governor Ochillo Ayacko has downplayed concerns that he and other opposition governor have not joined ongoing maandamanos. Ayacko said as a governor he is an office…

Govt Withdrew Our Security Ahead Of Demos, But They Took Their Spies- Masara

By MN Reporter Suna West MP Peter Masara has said government move to withdraw opposition leaders’ secusity ahead of maandamano was inconsequential. He said he received a call from his…

Governor Ayacko Downplays Withdrawal Of Security By Govt

By MN Reporter Migori governor Ochillo Ayacko has downplayed plans by government to withdraw his official secueity saying he is feeling like any other county resident. He said he was…

John Mbadi

The mysterious Mbadi!

The mysterious Mbadi! Over the decades, history has peculiar way of repeating itself, prophecy would always come to pass and bible verses do mirror the contemporary World. The history of…

(VIDEO) Migori Public Service Board Chair Ocholla, Katibu Olima Vows To Weed Ghost Workers

By MN Reporter The new Migori county public service board will be mandated to bring into force a human resource audit report that unearthed ghost workers and a leaking payroll….

Rongo man shot dead by police for killing dog, drinking its blood and attempting to kill family

By MN Reporter Rongo police were forced to shoot dead a man who went berserk and threatened to kill his family after killing a dog drank its blood and ate…

Four Mabera drunkards dead, eight in critical condition after drinking poisoned chang’aa

By MN Reporter Four Mabera drunkards succumbed after drinking poisoned chang’aa while eight others are still fighting for their lives. The drinking spree which turned tragic has left Kubweye villagers…