OPINION: Why nurturing talent, not education will tackle chronic youth unemployment

Youth Employment/COURTESY

By Belinda Mirembe

When it comes to tackling youth unemployment in Kenya and a consideration for whether its education or a talent which will solve it, i bet approximately 95 per cent of the people would go for education and let the talent go.

This is because since time immemorial, the world has forever believed that the only key to success is education.

Taking a child to school has the sole aim of success in examinations which should be translated employment, which has caused high unemployment.

This has created a deep rooted idea in common psychic that a measure of success is passing education in examination which if even felt a family the most educated child is considered for favouritism above the others.

However as much as education is upheld which is probably a good thing, the other part which is talent is not really being considered and hugely ignored despite being able to change youth unemployment.

The covid-19 pandemic itself has made many individuals realise how good there are talented.

How often have you met education top achievers in very different fields? How long have you seen those who have sought education abroad come back to open liquor or perfume joints comfortbaly?

During the quarantine life for instance, the youths were so idle and this made them to have a second thought of their talents.

This is because the education sector was closed and some could still not access the remote engagement learning system.

Talents are God given abilities and it is believed, everyone has a talent. People are coming out this days and putting their talents into life and considering education dead. Not because they are not good at education, it is just but a choice.

A thought of changing the saying to “Education and talents are the keys to success” won’t be so bad.

Bringing this into reality and not so far from the truth, many youths in the country have opted to growing their talents and it is dearly paying back with avenues for self employment, employing others and financial freedom.

It is because they feel like their talents are being a wasted because of society stigma.

A talent such as art and craft is not something that you sit and learn rather it is all about the brains. We have seen people make potraits and art, that is not only appealing but captivating.

Doors of potrait artists, especially those on famous people have opened door to presidential offices and embassies.

Unemployment for instance is something that has been there predominantly, but talent such as artwork have reduced this away from office work and formal employment.

When a person discovers that they can do something with ease, they get excited about it. The step of commercializing this is what should be harnessed for employment.

Everyone has a talent be it known or unknown and if those who are aware could nurture it into something worth paid for that stands out.

It means a reduced unemployment number which is an optimist thing that could happen. Perhaps nurturing talent could be the cure for unemployment being a disease across the world.

(Journalism student at KCA University)