Afraid of ODM bangled nominations, Migori 2022 aspirants are angling for KANU ticket

Former Migori speaker Gordon Ogola and Kanu leader Gideon Moi

By Yakobo Onyango

As the clock ticks, the 2022 general election draws closer and so is jostling for political parties individual aspirants would contest with.

In Migori County there is mushrooming underground scramble for KANU ticket among numerous aspiring contestants for respective elective seats.

According to a number of senior politicians, some currently serving in elective positions, who spoke to us on anonymity said post-handshake period ushered in a new political dispensation of nationalism and going forward sibling political parties to the truce would engage in friendly political contests.

“The famous handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime-Minister Raila Odinga has taught us one thing…the need for nationhood. And in this quest there are only two factions; individualism vs collectivism. You know the latter is being supported by pro-handshake parties which KANU Fresh is part of. So, where is the harm if we get elected on a sibling party like KANU?” posed a former MP from Migori who is currently running for a higher office.

The same thought is shared by a number of political players and observers in Migori.

“As voters we’ve continuously errored before. We do same mistake every election year and expect miracles to happen. Honestly, riding on one party dominating euphoria has really cost us big. We end up electing some individuals whom when you go back to your conscience, you end up hating yourself. It’s high time we began to see sibling political parties as a product of democracy and a platform for making informed choices. This in turn would enhance accountability from elected leaders,” observed Jack Odongo, a voter from Awendo in Migori County.

“We’ve known how KANU Chairman Gideon Moi has over the years been steadfast and principled when he makes a political stand. This time round he has declared he is siding with Agwambo. We are certain their faction is going to form the next regime. And therefore to help him remove Riftvalley from the jaws of DP William Ruto we need to give him (Gideon) unwavering national support including giving him political space to fiddle candidates across the nation,” added Jack.

Nick Oluoch a communication consultant in Migori town and a lecturer while weighing in said; “Gideon as an individual has never engaged in abrasive and confrontational politics with Raila Odinga even when political temperatures in the country would tempt someone to do so especially during post-election skirmishes. And therefore among parties enticing Migori voters and Nyanza at large, besides ODM, KANU Fresh presents politically friendly face.
Believe you me many aspiring constants are currently running to it as secret arsenal and it’s a matter of time you see people come out publicly to scramble for its tickets.”