Top corrupt Migori traffic cop exposed in the Star Corridors of Power

By The Star Corridors of Power

A top traffic olice officer from Migori county, who is fond of soliciting huge bribes, harassing motorists and his own officers, is now on the spot as several organs of the government are investigating him over abuse of office, corruption and misuse of power. Our moles say the officer is now the talk of Migori after residents demonstrated more than six times for his removal and charging in court for not abiding with the spirit of ‘Utumishi Kwa Wote’ (the National Police Service motto). The cop used all means to be transferred to Migori from police headquarters in 2013. It is said he has established a kangaroo court where he normally levies Sh10,000 bribes on every vehicle he impounds. The officer is also being investigated by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority for diverting fuel meant for police vehicles to his personal Toyota double-cabin car. The officer has often been heard to brag “no one can take me anywhere” – because he has ‘serious godfathers’ at police headquarters and the EACC offices in Kisumu.

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