‘Paro Manyien,’ why a bowler hat will be my Migori governor independent symbol- Okong’o Ja Migori

By Robert Kenedy Okong’o

To amplify my image and brand for the August 9 Migori governor race as Independent candidate i, together with my team setteled on two symbols to push through our agenda.

The first one is a Black Marlborough Bowler Hat and secondly a Designer Sling Man Bag, (‘poch’) as many might call it in Dholuo, which have been synonymous with me in public.

The contender’s Black Marlborough Hat forms part of an image that depicts my visual perception and clear head that resulted in his slogan of “Paro Manyien”.

In the ancient times, the Marlborough Hat was mostly popular with the working class. However, as a result of the revolutions in the fashion industry, it’s now mostly associated with Businessmen running Companies in the top Financial Districts in the major capitals of the World.

Personally, i hold a Masters degree in Economics, among other degrees, with a long term experience in the management of public finance from my employment stint at the World Bank from 2003 to 2007.

In any visualisation of ‘Okongo Ja Migori’, as a brand, the hat NEVER misses.

It’s not only a mark of fashion but also a protective attire that ensures that “Paro Manyien” remains intact.

I have been wearing this iconic hat both with semi- formal and formal attires in meeting the public and campaigns.

The sling bag (‘poch’) however, is only but a creative marketing concept that publicly distinguishes me from others and has turned out to be my brand trademark.

The ‘Poch’, comprises of an efficient personal pocket and store for his Bible, Personal Diary, Note Book and Cell Phones.

It is shows my little center of personal information, where i will place the people of Migori as their governor.

So, get informed.