OPINION: This is why Obado’s goose in ouster is cooked- Jim Bonnie

Obado and members of his family in court facing corruption related charges

By Jim Bonnie

(The views you are about to read are personal views of the writer, and does not represent Migori News views)

It is an open secret that Migori county governor Okoth Obado’s political life is now hanging on a cliff with his impeachment motion sponsored by ODM party gaining pace.

There are two things sticking like a sore thumbe: One is the court cases the governor is currently facing – the murder case against his girlfriend, former Rongo University student Sharon Otieno and their unborn child and the Sh73 million heist he was recently arrested and charged for. And who knows? Another case could be in the pipeline. 

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The second one is the impending impeachment motion that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party is spearheading against him.

It is debatable whether the governor is enjoying his sleep but I wouldn’t enjoy mine if my kids ask me during supper “Daddy did you steal the cash you used to pay our school fees?”

Neither will I sit pretty enjoying my favourite brand of whisky knowing well that MCAs will kick me where it hurts when the impeachment motion finds it way on the floor of the Assembly.

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Obado’s life can, therefore, best be described as being between a rock and a hard place – a cal de sac if you wish – a situation I wouldn’t wish myself or any of my friends to find themselves in.

Certainly, the Migori governor will not be the first one to be impeached. So let’s not waste time on that simplistic argument.

Let’s jump to the meat of this issue.

We all know that there are two things that crushes a politician: a loss and an impeachment, a devil that leaves a politician badly bruised and many have not been able to recover from the resulting humiliation. 

But let me tell you this. Obado as a politician is well versed with this unimpeachable fact and I know he will explore all the tricks in the book to avert impeachment. 

To the governor it is a life and death matter.

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He gets impeached, he is screwed; he wins this and his ratings shoots to the roof within Migori.

The question, however, is, is the governor having iota of chance of survival? Will he outsmart and outfox ODM? His supporters think so. You can follow their comments on Migori  county social media platforms. 

They’re exhibiting exuberance and stamina of victorious soldiers. This could however be attributed to their acute ignorance of the gravity of the situation.

Be it as it may, I’m sorry to disappoint them, albeit with some restraint, because personally I think the governor’s goose is already cooked. This is why.It would be foolhardy to think that ODM just woke up from sleep and decided to call its troops to order to impeach Obado.

Before such a consequential move was adopted by the party I want to believe due diligence was done to affirm the possible grounds for impeachment. 

I’m convinced that ODM party weighted the chances of the success of the impeachment motion and arrived at a conclusion that the probability of its success was higher than its chances of failing.

That’s why Obado supporters should be very worried because my crystal ball tells me ODM will send Obado home and the MCAs have already been whipped to toe the line.

What I can tell Obado is that if I were him I would be negotiating for a safe exit rather than proving that he has balls to challenge the party.This is because the writings are on the wall and they so clear that only a fool can ignore them.

As Jesus Christ said while on the cross “It is finished”.

(Jim Bonnie is a political commentator)