Migori State House visit was a Deja Vu

By William Oloo-janak

Nyanza people must remember the history of delegations to State House. It is often laden with bad omen.

In 1990, the then powerful South Nyanza County Council Chairman Elisha Aketch Chieng headed a bus load (Nyabisawa High School Bus to be precise) and several other vehicles including the Council’s official land Rovers to meet the then President Moi at State House Nairobi.

As fate would have it, the Nyabisawa bus was involved in an accident in Lari area of Limuru and we lost over ten councilors – (and I lost a cousin/nominated Cllr in the accident!).

You should have seen the atmospheree of grief that engulfed the whole of South Nyanza at the time. Do we pray for this lot who went to auction us through ‘jochumbu mag siasa man malo konogo?”

(The writer is a veteran journalist)