LETTERS: Pay teachers better to boost education sector- Calvogudboy

The head teacher at Witharaga Primary School

By Calvince Opiyo.

Denying teachers a choice for better pay should be a thing of the past if we should have a better education for our children,

I believe our Country depends a lot  on education.

But why must our teachers be dealt with inhumanly? 

Why  must they strike yearly for something solvable in weeks? This could be one of the hundreds reasons why our children get bad results year in year out.Something must be wrong with our  government.

A government which prefer buying laptops for students while not paying teachers. Now my question is , do teachers study computer in our colleges as a compulsory subject? 

Do they have the knowledge to teach students using laptops?

I prefer the laptops could have been donated to our many Colleges and TTCs before they could be given to the students as the roots of education is in those institution

Finally as a strategy to the teachers next strike incase there will be one. I urge parents and students to join hand with teachers to help bring a change in the lives of our demoralise law payed and frustrated teachers.