By Belinda Mirembe,

Since time immemorial, the world has known that the reason we progressively rise in livelihood is because of the cozy and submissive environment that the female gender struggle to uphold.


This is surely not far from the truth. Over the past few years, women were generally submissive to the very men that they were married to and did all that could impress them; they were all for the house-wive thing; they cooked, washed, waited and attended to their men with no chance to be part of anything in the community and society at large.

The chances of a woman getting recognised as a potential shareholder of the community was to the minimal, even from their very husbands.

Women were believed to be under men whatsoever and that they had no chance to express themselves in any sort of manner.

Jobs were all form en and women would sit and wait for the little that their men would think is enough for them to be given.

Would you consider this situation as hate for women or violation of rights for women?

Leadership positions and any thing dealing with leadership was assumed to be a man’s position.

Women were limited to house chores and cooking.

They were said to belong to the kitchen. Women could not be allowed or invited to discussions on vital matters.

It was even wrong being seen around the place that the meeting was happening.

A look at all this now makes it look so primitive.

Over time as education systems were developed and a big thank you to technology, slowly girls and women could go to school and be taught.

In consideration of the change of the state of lives too, women take leadership equally as men.

Even a lady can run for presidency as well as a man and this is a wonderful impression in that, equity is being practice deven in a country set up.

Additionally, women are included invital meetings where important decisions are to be made.

This is hows an acknowledgement in the role and presence of women in a country setup.

The idea of misogyny is fading however still the man is perceived as superior.

Considering them an the head of the familya sitisdoesnotguaranteehimtobetheheadof everything. Perhapsinthenearfuturemisogynywouldbecomeataleandthegenerationtocomewouldcallit history.Hatingapotentialwomanandconsideringwomenpowerlessbynowisasortofilliteracythat willleadintoamentalconsiderationcase.

Gone are the days when even the international world women’s day would not be recognised in the society.

Change is there and every change is inevitable.

women have the right to come out and speak their opinions and mentor the generation to come that human rights are equal and everyone has a right to grow and become what they want and it’s just but giving them is conception about women.

(Journalism student, KCA University)