Former student leader David Osiany for Rongo MP: READERS REACTION


We posted a design of a poster by former university student leader David Osiany interest for Rongo parliamentary seat in 2017. Here are reactions from our readers:

Augustine Alando: Kericho have done it by rejecting old guards like bett. This young guys are the one who will propel jakom to the big seat. Joho my role model.

Allan Ignatius Kokeyo: Wuod Nera if u want to test the depth of water u dont ask your neighbour how deep it is,you do it yourself and you either go through it or it goes through with you!

Sumba Kevin: He is entitled to rights and freedoms by the Kenyan constitution. Let IEBC decide.

Javans Ochieng: And I would support him…we needs youths people like Dalmas should now retire

Aggrey Joe: Ametosha sana let wazees retire and handover to the young people.

Kepher Ochieng: wan wadwaro jodongruok,ok jonindo kaka dalmas