CJ appointee Maraga applied not as an Adventist or Kisii

By Advocate Ombati Omwanza

Judge Maraga applied to be CJ, not an SDA church elder.

He did not campaign to be in the Kisii Council of elders. So spare us the religious angling or ethnic characterization. For those who ask about his judicial philosophy, read Mohammed vs. Attorney General, where he
delivered the lead judgment on universal jurisdiction over the crime of piracy.

Or the more often cited election case of Joho and the standard of proof in election petitions.

Let as first evaluate Justice Maraga as a jurist. Indeed in his interview before the JSC he appreciated the fact that the Supreme Court had erred for instance in expansion of its jurisdiction to deal with election disputes, particularly the Munya decision.

The other factors about moral uprightness and being incorruptible add wind to his sails.

I have no doubt that he is a great judge and administrator. Let’s see what he does particularly to the Land court
and commercial court.

Justice Maraga will be a chief justice for all Kenyans. For those who were to have some understanding about religion, read Desmond Tutus, God is not a Christian.

God bless Kenya.