(VIDEOS) OBADO: Please vote for my man Ruto, wife Hellen as Woman Rep. Here is my governor


By MN Reporter

Migori governor Okoth Obado has begged voters in the county not to shame him in the ballot by voting for William Ruto as president and his wife Hellen Obado as the next woman representative.

Obado, while speaking in Migori town said Ruto picked him as his Nyanza coordinator and voters should vote for him instead of Azimio flag bearer Raila Odinga in next polls.

This was his last address as a governor.

“This may be my last public function to engage the public, so I want to finish off what is on my chest. Because after next week I’ll be free and have plenty of time to do other things,” Obado joked.

” am coordinator in other team, he has a democratic path but I will push my agenda, but this may be my last function as  governor. From next week someone will be gearing in for this before I head for jua kali, So I’ll speak,” Obado said.

Obado said after Ruto, voters should consider wife Hellen Obado as the next woman rep, drumming support for the wife.


“There is someone who sent me here, she is my wife I ask you to please elect her as a Woman Rep, It’s her and Ruto please ensure she doesn’t fail if she fails I will be ashamed,” Obado said.

“I know my wife can do the job properly, she will be with you closely especially on aspects of public participation,” Obado said.

He said Raila has been using state machinery to intimidate rivals and he was not interested with going to Canaan.