(PHOTO) Sh40m water hyacinth remover from India roars to life in Kisumu, cleans Lake Victoria

By MN Reporter

Kisumu County is set to benefit from Sh40m water hyacinth harvester donated by the Indian Government.

Kisumu governor Anyang’ Nyong’o announced on social media that the machine in the county was now functional.

The machine which has previously successfully worked in India uses electricity to run with a capacity to harvest 3 tonnes of water hyacinth in ten minutes.

“he machine advantage over other previous intervention include : minimum man power required and it is light,” Nyong’o said.

The machine can be operated through a remote control system too.

The mobility of the machine from one point to another is easier due to its light weight compared to others.

The county government of Kisumu in collaboration with experts from India who assembled the machine.

“The team is currently training students from our local Vocational Training Centers on how to operate the machine,” Nyong’o added.

The by products from the harvested water hyacinth can then be used by locals in making artifacts, furniture, organic fertilizer and biogas production.