OPINION POLL: Neto upbeat on retaining Ndhiwa MP seat after only 4% gap with incumbent Martin, see standings

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The Ndhiwa MP race has turned into a battleground that will only be decided at the ballot, a pollster has said.

A Mizani Africa Polls has shown the race is between the incumbent Martin Owino and a former MP Agostino Neto with race still open with high number of undecided voters and a third contestant with a bloc.

Martin Peter Owino is ahead on an ODM ticket 39.2% of votes followed by Agostino Neto at 35.2%, having a negligible 4% between them.

The race gets exciting as the third rival Michael Agwanda has commanded a 17.6% lead threatening to throw the win either way with the number of undecided voters standing at 7.8%, which is higher than the gap between frontrunners.

The survey was conducted between 30th June – 4th July 2022.

Taking to social media Neto said he is planning a cultural rally on July 13 in the constituency as the polls are favourbale to him.

He was confident to “finish this journey in a single swoop. The Trophy is coming home!”