OPINION POLL: Millie leads in Suba North MP with 47.1%, still calls it fake

The results from Mizani Africa polls

By MN Reporter

Suba North MP Millier Mabona is likely to regain his seat despite campaigning for less than a week ahead of next polls.

The survey was conducted between 30th June – 4th July 2022 by Mizani Africa Polls

In the poll the incumbent is ahead by 47.1% followed by James Agembe at 38.2%. Undecided voters are 9.9% while others share 3.8%.

“Even though these polls show me as leading with an 8% lead even after only campaigning for 4 days in 1 out of 4 wards, I want to state categorically that they are fake polls,” Millie said on Facebook.

He claimed ‘another poll’ which she did not explain she had 70%.

She claimed a meeting by her rivals was meant to create fake polls that seek to narrow her lead to try and water her popularity among voters.

“This facilitates any planned rigging. Shindwe kabisa kwa jina la Yesu,” she retorted.