Kenya Ports Authority to revamp ugly, dilapidated Homa Bay piers

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By MN Reporter

The dilapidated Homa Bay pier, which was an eye sore to locals will be revamped by the Kenya Ports Authority, chairman KPA Board of Directors Joseph Kibwana has revealed.

He said this during a fact-finding mission while accompanied by Homa Bay governor Gladys Wanga which visited the pier and those in Kendu Bay, Mbita and Sena landing site within Mfangano Island.

“We had been briefed on the conditions of the piers within Homa Bay and we have seen for ourself,we will see how best we can help to improve their conditions,” Kibwana said.

He said revamping the piers will bring back the lost glory of good days when people used to enjoy Lake transport without any fear, lack of piers has seen an end of boats and big yatchs as locals resort to engine powered small boats.

The available ferries and water buses are privately owned and only serve the Mbita and other islands routes leaving a larger population at risk while using boats.

This will help in opening up transport of heavy goods especially in several islands around the area.

Wanga said she is happy with the initiative which has been taken by the KPA saying once completed,it will change the lives of the County residents.

Wanga said this will also spur the County’s economic development that will be great to the people of Homa Bay.

The County owns almost 80 per cent of the Lake.