Junet’s food was not poisoned, he is stable- PA

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed opening the AP quarters at Nyabisawa center

By MN Reporter

Suna East MP Junet Mohammed’s food was not poisoned, his personal assistant has told  Migori News after a health scare on the popular legislator on Saturday December 28.

On Sunday, his personal assistant Ochieng Ogejo said the legislator had just arrived in Migori town from the day’s activity when he started complaining of stomach pain.

“He was not poisoned in anyway, but he had normal stomach complications. He is out of danger and we will continue with development tours,” Ogejo said.

Junet complained of stomach pains, in suspected food poisoning.

He was out on bursary and development tour in his constituency.

“He was rushed to St. Joseph Mission Hospital where he was treated and discharged. He is stable and continue with the tour,” Ogejo said.

On his social media profile, Junet thanked residents for their concerns, but downplayed the incident.

“I had a little bit of complication with my stomach. I am now safely at my house after a check up with doctors,” Junet said in a social media post.