County commissioner, police shoot bar-maid with AK-47 for being seduced by another bar patron


An Assistant County Commissioner and a police officer are in custody after a bar brawl that left a woman admitted at Kapenguria county hospital, in critical condition.

What began as a quarrel between Kongelai Assistant County Commissioner Moses Ekisa, 36, and a bar steward identified as Miriam Nelimo, 28, with whom they are believed to have been in a love affair, quickly degenerated into a fight after the administrator discovered that Nelimo was harbouring another man in the bar.

In the incident that occured today at 6am, the assistant county commissioner crept stealthily towards Liquid bar, with police constable Isaac Oshome stationed at Kongelai police post closing in one step behind, after getting wind that Nelimo was in the company of another man.

After confirming that the door was latched from inside and two adults were conversing in hushed tones, the duo knocked the door appealing to Nelimo to open and sell them some drinks.

At first she was hesitant but when one of them said that they wanted take away drinks, she obliged.

But no sooner had she unlatched the door’s locks than the two men stormed in with the police officer brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle loaded with 30 rounds of ammunition.

A commotion ensued as the national government administrator demanded to know who the man was and accused the bar attendant of seeing another man behind his back.

Explanations by Nelimo that the man was just a patron who was enjoying his drink fell on deaf ears, as the county commissioner wondered why they were conversing in hushed tones under the cover of darkness.

The commotion escalated and without warning, the police officer opened fire and shot the bar attendant on her abdomen, occasioning her life threatening injuries.

The duo then took off leaving the victim sprawled on the ground bleeding profusely.

Neigbours whose early morning sleep had been interrupted by the deafening sound of the assault rifle followed by wails of distress responded immediately and rushed Nelimo to Kapenguria County hospital, where she is currently admitted in serious condition.

A manhunt for the duo was immediately launched leading to their arrest hours later. The AK-47 riffle used in the attack was also recovered, loaded with 29 rounds of ammunition.