TANZANIA: A Kuria floors a Luo in Rorya MP race amid interest from senior Kenyan politicians

The winner

By MN Reporter

Migori residents and senior politicians keenly following the Tanzania elections on October 29 were pained when their preferred candidate lost in an MP race.

As the news and the results started streaming in residents and senior politicians were keen on the results of Rorya Constituency, which is the immediate one from Migori county.

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A video grab of the results as shared in a popular Kenyan WhatsApp group

“A senior politicians organised a funds drive for one of the candidate where we contributed to his campaign kitty,” a county legislator told Migori News.

Several county politicians also openly campaigned on either sides of the two aspirants which roped in national leaders.

Apart from financial help, a team of experts which included journalists, bloggers, rouble rousers and hangers on also crossed the border to shore their support.

“The two politicians had their homes across border, very close to Kenya. We only crossed over to gain,” a journalist said.

The journalist said the movement was always eased by county legislators.