DSW Helps 215 positive girls, mothers in Rongo to boost socio-economic status

By MN Reporter

Over 215 girls and young girls from Rongo sub-county living positively have been helped to boost their soci-economic status.

The DSW or German Foundation for World Population has helped the group of young and teenage mothers who are HIV/AIDS positive to work together and end stigma.

Lee Oluoch, the DSW Project Officer said the move is under the reaching the last gap project which aims at ensuring all those affected by the virus are brought on care.

“We have not only worked with the girls and young mothers, but also their partners especially those who are discordant couples and their parents too,” Oluoch said.

He said together they have ensured beneficiaries have started taking medicine, adhere to them and live positively through supportive informal groups to help in suppressing viral load in blood.

“Equally we have helped them set up table banking, have kitchen gardens set up together with issuing goats and sheep to boost their nutrition and incomes,” he said.

He said the same project has been rolled out in Kilifi county.

He also said they have started out poultry projects too for the groups.

Ben Onuka, the Rongo sub-county health officer said the project will help fight new infection as over 50 per cent are from adolescents and young women,

“This is a group that is most vulnerable not only because of naivety, but also poverty. Most too are not keen and shy from seeking advice,” Onuka said.

He said most young mothers are ushered into taking care of families despite not being able to due to finaciial constraints.

“We are privileged that on these informal groups we have mopped out socio-economic activities,” he added,