Your heads will be on chopping boards if you don’t deliver, Ayacko to new executives as four on the way

Rahab Robi Chacha for Environment, Natural Resources and Disaster Management when she took oath of office

By MN Reporter

Migori governor Ochillo Ayacko has warned the six new executives that they have to deliver on his mandate to the voters.

On Thursday, Ayacko oversaw the swearing in of the six new executive and promised he will add six shortly.

“We want to change the attitude and work ethic of civil servants as we are public trustees, our next move will be to carry out an audit of the staff for efficiency,’ he said.

He said he will soon “nominate four other executives and forward names of chief officers and county secretary to the assembly for vetting, we have an inclusive county which will be represented in my administration.”

Ayacko joked that he was lonely to deliver his mandate to voters, but this time he said he was sure he will people to turn to and put their heads on a chopping board.

“We will hit the road running, as new executives you will be in the direct line of the people wishes and at a cross road on the assembly on oversight, don’t let them down,” he said.

The six who were sworn were;

  • Maurice Otunga for Finance and Economic Planning
  • Mogesi Betty Samburu for Education, Gender, Youth Sports and Social Services
  • Lucas Mosenda Chacha-  Agriculture, Livestock, Veterinary Services, Fisheries and Cooperative Development
  • Rahab Robi Chacha for Environment, Natural Resources and Disaster Management
  • Caleb Opondi for Public Service Management and Devolution
  • Nyerere Awuor for Health Services.

Already the assembly will soon vet chief officers and a county secretary.