(VIDEO) Walter Hands Over Sh70m Dede Market By National Govt to Migori County


By MN Reporter

Awendo MP Walter Owino on Monday handed over the Sh70 million Dede modern market constructed by the national government to the Migori county government.

The project was lobbied by the legislator through the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and its completion is set to revamp the rural center in the constituency.

“Today i am proud to hand over the project which was my brain child and i lobbied with president Uhuru Kenyatta through the handshake with Raila Odinga,” Owino said.

Ahead of August 9 general elections, the project was launched by Raila who also proceeded to open the KMTC Awendo Campus.

“This opening marks a great milestone in a bid to open up Awendo,” he said.

He said an old market started earlier by the county government did not flourish, but they will start a livestock market as from next Monday to boost trade in the area.

“The date was picked by local traders and it will be weekly, we will also open and build a livestock market in the are,’ he said.

He was accompanied by Migori County Director of Trade Daudi Okoth Obado who lauded the legislator for the move.

Traders also lauded the legislator for lobbying for the project from the national government.