(VIDEO) Tell Abuor my name will be in the ballot, Rongo will send him home- Nelson Oluoch


By MN Reporter

Rongo MP aspirant on Jubilee Party ticket Nelson Oluoch has assured his supporters that he will be in the ballot on August 9 despite his name missing from initial gazette notice by IEBC.

Oluoch while addressing supporters in Rongo town said he was sure to be in the ballot ahead of a court hearing on Tuesday at Migori High Court challenging the IEBC tribunal ruling that removed him from the ballot.

Oluoch was first an ODM candidate and when he was alerted that the party will offer the incumbent Paul Abuor a direct nomination he shifted base in the last minute to join Jubilee Party.

A voter, he believed was sponsored by Abuor moved to IEBC to block his candidature, a decision he has challenged in court.

“If you come across Abuor tell him i will be the next Rongo MP, i will be in the ballot against him on August 9 and a day later i will be declared a winner,” Oluoch said.

He said he was confident court will do him justice and will be in the final gazette by July 24 telling Abuor to stop day dreaming that he was out of the race.

“I have been campaigning on and i will be the next Rongo MP race, this attempt to bloc me was done in an instigated arrest to another rival who failed to deliver his papers. Abuor is afraid of facing any rival on the ballot and i wish to assure him that is gone,” he said.

He said he was “confident courts will give me a positive response, attempts to sabatoge the will of Rongo voters will fail.”