VIDEO: Shock As Kaka Talanta Caught Chewing Neighbours Wife

By MN Reporter

Migori music sensation Kaka Talanta is again in the headlines, but for the wrong reason this time.

This is after Kaka Talanta was caught Wednessday October 12, 2022 chewing his neighbours wife.

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In an incident that has left many of his die-hard fans shocked, Talanta was spotted fleeing from the house, boxer in one hand covering his male member.

Witnesses said the former gospel artist turned secular, had a vest partially covering his head to conceal his identity.

But a house manager (maid) from an adjacent house thwarted his efforts to conceal himself when he exposed a distinct mark over his right butt.


“Sasa Talanta amefunika mbele na kichwa akasahau hii tatoo yake juu ya mat*ko, mayie denda,” she revealed with a wry smile.

Preliminary investigations by Migori News reveal that this all began with a neighbour who laid a trap on his wife he suspected of cheating.

The neighbour, a tight friend with Talanta, had on several ocassions opened up to him about his ‘cheating’ wife.


Speaking to this writer, Brandon*, Kaka Talanta’s neighbour said he regretted opening up to his ‘friend’ who preyed on his vulnerability.

A search has been mounted to bring Kaka Talanta To Justice.