(VIDEO) Migori parents blamed for rise of negative practices among children- Micontrap-Kenya

SUBSCRIBE: Parents To Blame For Rise in Negative Practices in The Society – MICONTRAP KENYA

By Timothy Mugo

Parents have been blamed for the failure to eradicate negative practices among the Kuria community in Migori Counuty. 

A section of residents of Masurura in Kuria West in Migori County said some parents were the reason the region was still recording high cases of FGM, teenage pragnancy and school drop outs. 

In an interview during a sensitization meeting on sexual and gender based violence by an NGO MICONTRAP – KENYA at Maranatha Church in Masurura, the residents said that most parents had abandoned their children, making them adopt negative practises. 

They claimed that parents had focused their energy towards work and other income generating activities, making no time for their children. 

They said this left most children, especially girls fall prey to bad influence, embracing FGM, dropping from school and eventually getting marriage at tender ages.